About Us

t. Weeyn is a Language beTWEEN us

Wish I could say my background is in computer programming or design. Or that I worked at a major fashion house but I am just a regular person who was trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was laying around thinking about the LBD (little black dress) and how it was such a simple, really simple idea. I mean, it is not like coding, I thought reaching for my phone. We use technology every day for hours at a time. Why not explore the wonder of computer programing by wearing it.  Coding is complex and intricate, think of the beauty of lines of numbers running one after another in movement. Code can create complex, moving images that spark imagination, conversation and wonder. That is the moment that sparked the creation of t. Weeyn's.

t. Weeyn was born in a small southern California town in 2018.  T-shirts and sweatshirts were chosen for their agelessness and comfort.  G4ME 0VER was the first design suggested to me by my 13 year old son who was addicted to Fortnite. The design was based on a sundial; an ancient timepiece that seemed perfect for the words. Nice thing about time, it starts up the following day changing the shirt's true meaning to be to try again. The game may be over but not the war. Merging code, symbols, and current things together is part of the uniqueness of t. Weeyn. If we get a chuckle along the way, mike can be dropped. 

Our mission became simple: we are dedicated to making soft, comfortable wearable clothing that tells a story about how we feel and who we are. To communicate in subtle and obvious ways showing humor, beauty, and enrichment.  Technology, subsequently, has done the same and remains an essential part of our lives. t. Weeyn was created to integrate these two by using code in our designs.